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Welcome to Xiong Lab

Electron and spin transport in low dimensional systems and nano-devices

The primary focus of our research is the studies of novel emergent electronic and magnetoelectronic phenomena in quantum materials and nanostructured devices. Of particular interest are emergent quantum states of matter due to dimensional confinement, disorder, electronic/magnetic correlations, and quantum coherence. We explore both the underlying physics and their applicational potentials, using innovative combinations of material synthesis, thin film growth, nanostructure engineering, ultralow temperature cryogenics, and high-sensitivity electronic transport and tunneling measurements. Specific current research projects include: quantum phases and phase transitions in ultrathin superconducting films and nanowires, exotic electronic states/excitations in nanoscale devices and heterostructures (e.g., Majorana zero mode), molecular and semiconductor spintronics (e.g., spin selectivity in chiral materials), semiconductor nano devices as biomolecular sensors (e.g., nano FETs for detection of protein markers).

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