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Recent Publications (selected)

  • Y. Adhikari, T. Liu, H. Wang, Z. Hua, H. Liu, E. Lochner, P. Schlottmann, B. Yan, J. Zhao, and P. Xiong, "Interplay of structural chirality, electron spin and topological orbital in chiral molecular spin valves", Nature Communications 14, 5163 (2023). link

  • Z. Hua, A. Ben-Akacha, Q. He, T. Liu, G. Boyce, M. van Deventer, X. Lin, H. Gao, B. Ma, and P. Xiong, "Intrinsic Ion Migration Dynamics in a One-Dimensional Organic Metal Halide Hybrid", ACS Energy Letters 7, 11, 3753–3760 (2022). link

  • J. Hudis, J. Cochran, G. Franco-Rivera, C.S. Guzman, E. Lochner, P. Schlottmann, P. Xiong, and I. Chiorescu, "Quantum interference in asymmetric superconducting nanowire loops", A Letters Journal Exploring The Frontiers of Physics (Accepted Manuscript). link

  • J.-I. Kim, T. Liu, K. Kountouriotis, J. Lu, X.Z. Yu, Y. Adhikari, S. von Molnár, J.H. Zhao, and P. Xiong, "Direct comparison of three-terminal and four-terminal Hanle effects in the persistent photoconductor Al0.3Ga0.7As:Si", Physical Review Materials 6, 024603 (2022). link

  • T. Liu, X. Wang, H. Wang, G. Shi, F. Gao, H. Feng, H. Deng, L. Hu, E. Lochner, P. Schlottmann, S. von Molnár, Y. Li, J. Zhao, and P. Xiong, "Linear and Nonlinear Two-Terminal Spin-Valve Effect from Chirality-Induced Spin Selectivity", ACS Nano 14, 15983 (2020). link

  • Z. Lin, Z. Li, H. Deng, T. Liu, G. Shi, N. Bonesteel, P. Schlottmann, Y. Li, and P. Xiong, "Giant enhancement of the in-plane critical field for thin Al films via proximity coupling to a topological insulator", Physical Review B 102, 144518 (2020). link

  • J. L. Barreda, L. Hu, L. Yu, J. Hudis, T. D. Keiper, J. Xia, Z. Wang, J. Guan, and P. Xiong, "Controlled Fabrication of DNA Molecular Templates for In Situ Formation and Measurement of Ultrathin Metal Nanostructures", Nano Letters 20, 8135 (2020). link

  • L. Yu, L. Hu, J. L. Barreda, T. Guan, X. He, K. Wu, Y. Li, and P. Xiong, "Robust Gapless Surface State against Surface Magnetic Impurities on (Bi0.5Sb0.5)2Te3 Evidenced by In Situ Magnetotransport Measurements", Physical Review Letters 124, 126601 (2020). link

  • L. Hu, L.Q. Yu, P. Xiong, X.L. Wang, J.H. Zhao, L.F. Wang, Z. Huang, and W.B. Wu, “Static and dynamic signatures of anisotropic electronic phase separation in La2/3Ca1/3MnO3 thin films under anisotropic strain”, Physical Review B 97, 214428 (2018). pdf

  • K. Kountouriotis, J.L. Barreda, T.D. Keiper, M. Zhang, and P. Xiong, “Electrical Spin Injection and Detection in Silicon Nanowires with Axial Doping Gradient”, Nano Letters 18, 4386 (2018). pdf

  • T. Liu, T.D. Keiper, X.L. Wang, G. Yang, D. Hallinan, J.H. Zhao, and P. Xiong, “Molecular Patterning and Directed Self-Assembly of Gold Nanoparticles on GaAs”, Applied Materials & Interfaces 9, 43363 (2017). pdf

  • J.L. Barreda, T.D. Keiper, M. Zhang, and P. Xiong, “Multiple Schottky Barrier-Limited Field-Effect Transistors on a Single Silicon Nanowire with an Intrinsic Doping Gradient”, Applied Materials & Interfaces 9, 12046 (2017). pdf

  • T.D. Keiper, J.L. Barreda, J.P. Zheng, and P. Xiong, “Modulation of electronic properties of tin oxide nanobelts via thermal control of surface oxygen defects”, Nanotechnology 28, 5 (2016). pdf

  • L.J. Zhu, S.H. Nie, P. Xiong, P. Schlottmann, and J. H. Zhao, “Orbital two-channel Kondo effect in epitaxial ferromagnetic L10-MnAl films”, Nature Communications 7:10817 (2016).

  • Z. Guo, D.K. Panda, K. Maity, J.L. Barreda-Esparza, P. Xiong, D. Lindsey, T.G. Parker, R.J. Clark, T. Albrecht-Schmitt, W. Zhou, and S. Saha, “Tuning Electrical Conductivity of Metal–Organic Framework Films through Intercalation of π-Acidic Guests”, Journal of Materials Chemistry C 4, 894 (2016).

  • X.L. Wang, H.L. Wang, D. Pan, T. Keiper, L.X. Li, X.Z. Yu, J. Lu, E. Lochner, S. von Molnár, P. Xiong, and J.H. Zhao, “Robust manipulation of magnetism in the dilute magnetic semiconductor (Ga,Mn)As by organic molecules”, Advanced Materials 27, 8043 (2015).

  • T. Guan, C. Lin, C. Yang, Y. Shi, C. Ren, Y.Q. Li, H. Weng, Xi Dai, Zhong Fang, S. Yan, and P. Xiong, “Evidence for half-metallicity in n-type HgCr2Se4”, Physical Review Letters 115, 087002 (2015).

  • X. Zhang, H.D. Zhou, L. Yu, H.J. Gardner, S. von Molnár, C. Wiebe, and P. Xiong, “Electronic Transport in the Ferromagnetic Pyrochlore Lu2V2O7: the Role of Magnetization”, Physical Review B 91, 205107 (2015).

  • X. Zhang, S.A. McGill, P. Xiong, X.L. Wang, and J.H. Zhao, “Probing the thiol-gold planar interface by spin polarized tunneling”, Applied Physics Letters 104, 152403 (2014).

  • D. Pan, M. Fu, X.Z. Yu, X.L. Wang, L.J. Zhu, S.H. Nie, S.L. Wang, Q. Chen, P. Xiong, S. von Molnár, and J.H. Zhao, “Controlled Synthesis of Phase-Pure InAs Nanowires on Si (111) by Diminishing the Diameter to 10 nm”, Nano Letters 14, 1214-1220 (2014).

  • J. Misuraca, J.-I. Kim, J. Lu, K.K. Meng, L. Chen, X.Z. Yu, J.H. Zhao, P. Xiong, and S. von Molnár, “Bias current dependence of the spin lifetime in insulating Al0.3Ga0.7As”, Applied Physics Letters 104, 082405 (2014).

  • L. Yu, L. Wang, X. Zhang, W.B. Wu, S. von Molnár, Z. Fisk, and P. Xiong, “Signatures of electronic phase separation in the Hall effect of anisotropically strained La0.67Ca0.33MnO3 films”, New Journal of Physics 15, 113057 (2013).

  • J. Misuraca, J.-I. Kim, J. Lu, K.K. Meng, L. Chen, X.Z. Yu, J.H. Zhao, P. Xiong, and S. von Molnár, “Spin transport and accumulation in the persistent photoconductor Al0.3Ga0.7As”, Applied Physics Letters 102, 152408 (2013).

  • X.Z. Yu, H.L. Wang, D. Pan, J.H. Zhao, J. Misuraca, S. von Molnár, and P. Xiong, “All zinc-blende GaAs/(Ga,Mn)As core-shell nanowires with ferromagnetic ordering”, Nano Letters 13, 1572-1577 (2013).

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